Transforming the convenience industry

PBX is a living lab and concrete result of the transformation that is necessary to create a convenience store that is both profitable and sustainable.

The doors to this experimental kiosk opened in the Autumn of 2021 after almost two years of collaboration between Prosperous Planet and Reitan Convenience Sweden. The ambition is to develop a new type of convenience store that operates within the planetary boundaries.

PBX’s assortment has been carefully selected with consideration for both the planetary boundaries and social sustainability with a focus on workers’ rights and health. The goal was to find the best alternatives within every product category in collaboration with those in the supply chain, identifying the origin of products to the ingredient level.

Reitan Convenience Sweden’s investment has not only put them ahead of the curve but also provided them with a place to test out new products, services, communication methods, and more. What works will be scaled to the rest of their convenience stores.

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