Sportswear in the planetary boundaries

Houdini is a sportswear and outdoor clothing brand grounded in sustainability. In 2018, they became the first company in the world to release a sustainability report based on the planetary boundaries model. For Houdini, using this holistic framework enables them to evaluate and understand their business while prioritising what areas they need to work on most.

Since beginning to align their business with the planetary boundaries, 100% of all fabrics used in Houdini’s garments in their latest season are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, or Bluesign certified. They have even traced the origins of all their latest garments, with a large majority of them being sewn in Europe. This means Houdini can maintain a close dialogue with their suppliers and visit their factories often.

It’s also Houdini’s business model that’s shifting; Rental, Houdini’s clothing rental service, has been in place since 2012. With access to rental garments, those who use Houdini clothing less often are able to save on costs while also saving the planet’s resources. In the future, Rental will be available online and through selected partners, and Houdini plans to further develop new rental services to launch in parallel over the coming years.

Overall, Houdini is on the path towards sustainable and circular sportswear, showing that fashion companies can both take into consideration the planetary boundaries and be profitable. From avoiding certain chemicals to using circular fabrics to ensuring their garments are durable and long-lasting, Houdini can serve as inspiration to other clothing companies looking to secure their long-term business success.

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