Using architecture to remove smog

ENS Clean Air’s initiative to create the Smog Free Tower is another innovation that addresses atmospheric aerosol loading. In collaboration with Studio Roosegaarde, ENS Clean Air has designed the first Smog Free Tower in the world. Cleaning 30,000 cubic metres of polluted air per hour and using no more electricity than a water boiler, the tower uses ionisation technology to capture fine dust and transform it into coarse dust.

This process removes air pollution in vulnerable areas, improving overall air quality. Installing this invention on existing infrastructures and facilities will enable these structures to have an additional function as air purifiers for cities.

What else? This invention is also drumming up new business. Roosegaarde is making a profit by turning collected smog particulate matter from Smog Free Towers into jewellery. These kinds of innovations show the technology we need is here–we just need to imagine what business can do with it and act on the opportunities before us.

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