Investment in solar for profit

Trine is a company making it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets. Their mission is to give people a triple return on investment: earning a profit while making positive social and environmental impact. After setting up a Trine account, you can invest in loans for sustainable business around the world, choosing based on impact, location, size, risk, and monetary investment.

Once the loan is fully funded, the invested money is transferred to the borrower who then sells and distributes solar products to their customers. When the borrower starts to repay the loan, Trine customers get their invested capital (plus interest) back. What’s more? Both private investors and companies are able to invest.

So far, Trine has avoided 640,168 tonnes of CO2, provided 2,546,319 people around the world with electricity, and facilitated €70,413,508 worth of investments. Working in the intersection between climate action and profitability, Trine is scaling sustainable solutions for people, planet, and profit.

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