Energy company turns a new leaf

Ørsted knew what was needed and knew what was coming, and the tables turned. The prominent Danish energy company has successfully transitioned from being a coal-intensive utility company to an almost entirely renewable energy provider bringing power from offshore wind farms to more than 13 million people. Companies like Ørsted are positioned well to finance such transitions, having the ability to issue bonds and take out loans cheaper than many banks.

Sustainability is now embedded in the fabric of the business, and Ørsted’s success since their transition has shown that investing in the climate pays off. They have been ranked the world’s most sustainable energy company in the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index every year since 2019, and they plan to become completely decarbonised by 2023 with an added ambition of providing renewable energy from their offshore wind farms to 50 million people by 2030.

Taking action to secure long-term business success as the regulatory and investment landscapes continue to shift has positioned this company at the forefront of its industry, showing that large companies have the power to act on change and contribute effective solutions to the climate crisis.

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