Are you ready to embrace the sustainability revolution?

About Planetary Possibilities

Planetary Possibilities is a visual toolkit based on cutting edge science for the private sector to rethink sustainability.

The purpose is to see beyond limitations. To have the courage to imagine a sustainable future for business–one that uses the planetary boundaries to create new Planetary Possibilities.

Are you ready to embrace the sustainability revolution and reimagine your success beyond break-even sustainability?

Challenging dominating mindsets

The planetary boundary framework was published by  a team of scientists in 2009. Their pioneering work on defining a safe operating space for humanity on Earth has led us to a new understanding of sustainable development in the 21st century.

The science is clear on what level of change is needed to ensure continued societal development and human prosperity, and all serious companies today have their own sustainability strategies–some of which even refer to the planetary boundaries.

What is slowing down an unavoidable transformation is a lingering perspective that sustainability means costs, limitations, and impaired progress to companies–but this is not true. Beyond the boundaries lie endless opportunities. What stands in our way currently is our own mindsets.

The Planetary Possibilities visual toolkit is here to challenge those mindsets and enable continued business success in the Anthropocene, the geological era of humankind.

Happy exploration from the teams at Prosperous Planet and Azote.

Explore the model

The toolkit is divided into three dimensions: Boundaries, Regulation, and Innovation. Click on a dimension below to explore the toolkit and read about what other companies have done.

Boundaries explains the science of the planetary boundaries model, introducing you to the nine planetary processes that regulate the stability and resilience of the Earth system. Within these boundaries, we can continue to do business. Outside of them, we live in a low-potential and highly risk-prone world.


Regulation identifies the current and future state of the regulatory landscape connected to each planetary boundary. While rarely seen in this light, regulation can act as a bridge to business innovation, creating a space for novel ways of doing things by closing the door on the old ways.


Innovation opens up a world of sustainable business opportunities connected to each planetary boundary. Through exploration of success stories, we discover how companies become profitable by contributing solutions to some of our biggest global challenges, enabling a future within the planetary boundaries. 


About the design

The toolkit was designed by Azote graphic designer Peter Lundvik.

I wanted to create a toolkit design that is open to interpretation and also has a practical usability as a metaphor for change. Finding business opportunities while contributing to solving the grand challenges of our time is a lot about embracing complexity.

The simple design of the three layers of boundaries, regulation, and innovation come together in the shape of a new sunrise on our planet in space; it’s a new day of possibilities. It can just as well be seen as the mythical rainbow, pointing to a buried treasure. I think there are definitely treasures to find if we look to and listen to the science of our planet.

The examples and stories highlighted in Planetary Possibilities represent bold first steps into a world of new sustainable business opportunities. Learn from them, but remember that most of them are not perfect, and the companies driving the initiatives do not necessarily have everything else in line (or at least not yet).

The main point of the collected examples is to show that there are indeed ample opportunities for those daring enough to act on them, and perhaps inspire yourself to consider the possibilities wrapped in the challenges that lie ahead.

The purpose of Planetary Possibilities is to see beyond limitations. To begin to have the courage to imagine a sustainable future for business–one that uses the science of planetary boundaries to create Planetary Possibilities. 

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